Child eating noodles
Travelling by air can be soul-destroying! You move in brightly lit corridors without a trace of any natural light, breathing in everyone’s germs, skin cells and bogies, in the highly filtered […]

Wagamama London (Gatwick) style

Retro photo of kids in a candy store
  Last week Food Standards Scotland launched a new initiative called Let’s Change our Future. In essence it’s all about changing our snacking habits so we can all be healthier. Personally, I […]

Tiger and bunny at festival
  We headed out this past weekend to the Lady’s first music festival, Doune the Rabbit Hole. We didn’t know exactly what to expect, we’d never been to a festival […]

Doune the Rabbit Hole of good food

So we’re cooped up in the car heading to York for a family reunion and of course, as a good picnic maker I know we’re totally self-sufficient for all food […]

Road Trip snack attack

It’s funny how your life swings in roundabouts. Before The Lady, when I was working in the Charing Cross area in Glasgow, I pretty much ate at Bocadillo Cafe and […]

Bocadillo Cafe Bistro

Picnic foods
Its picnic season and I’m ready for loads of al fresco dining! I’m one of those people who heads out whenever there’s a glimmer of sunshine so if its not […]

What do you pack for a picnic?