People have been asking me exactly what Tot Tastic Taste is about. They say it sounds like a great concept but they want to know exactly what my vision is.


To me, Tot Tastic Taste is about sharing all the fun I have when I eat out with the lady. It’s about sharing tips, passing on secret finds, blurting out frustrations and sharing my love of food (and Glasgow). It’s about sharing ideas and having discussions, sharing healthy recipes and creating a space to ask questions.

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In many ways, it’s an excuse to go out and have a cake, enjoy a plate of pasta or just sip a hot drink (that someone else made!). And sometimes, on really rotten days, its about eating at home on the floor, in a fort or by the window as the rain pours down the windows.


I hope that gives you an idea of my vision. To me, Tot Tastic Taste is about food, fun and friends.


What do you think? Am I missing something? Is there something else I should be featuring in the blog? Let me know.



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