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I first spotted Eusebi Deli when I was coming out of Kelvingrove Park at Gibson Street and Bank Street last week. The corner unit there had been vacant for as long as I can remember (at least 10 years!?) so I was a bit surprised to see sparkling white paint, loads of windows and people bustling about inside.


I was intrigued. I had to check it out.


The first thing I did was press my nose to the glass to see the menu (I had to get home to cook dinner and I had a sleeping lady on my hands so didn’t go inside). Luckily I’m no shrinking violet since my nose print must have alerted someone to my presence and I was handed a menu by a super efficient staff member.

Eusebi sign

We got to chatting and as can be expected, we chatted kids in the Deli. Yup, kids are welcome and yes, there’s a baby change facility. They have high chairs and I was told they even fit 3 prams in a corner once. So, way hay! Large parties of mums welcome.


As for a kids menu, nothing official. But, the guy did say there’s pasta with sugo (pasta a tomato sauce), pasta with polpette (pasta and meatballs) and a special pizza just for kids (pizza with chips and hotdogs).


Armed with this information and very excited to try a new restaurant in the ‘hood, we set out this past weekend to test run the place for ttt.

Wall at Eusebi Restaurant

We probably didn’t choose the best time to set out for our lunch (1.30pm on a Saturday). But, despite being packed to the gunnels, and after only a moderate wait, we got a seat (a comfy hybrid booth seat big enough to fit my big bum and the lady).


Eusebi menu and Peppa Pig

The atmosphere was nice (but very busy) and though we ordered our food fairly promptly, it took a while to get it. Saying that, the food was definitely freshly made, so you could almost forgive the wait.


What would I say about it? Well, the food was delish, but not sure I would pay what they’re asking for for the adult portions. It seems a bit pricey with pasta dishes starting at £9.


The kids portion on the other hand was amazing value. The lady had the sausage and chips pizza (mostly so we could try it) and it was half the price for the exact same amount of food. I think if we go again, I’ll just be sharing a pizza with the lady since there was plenty of food for both of us!


Overall service, well, prompt enough to get us to the table and to take our order, but slow to deliver the food. As I said before, you could almost forgive them for this since it was very fresh. However, when you’re ordering for kids, especially during hungry times of the day, you just want the food to come AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! (you all know what I mean!). So if they could give you some bread while you wait or something totty that would do me fine.


As for paying, well, it was like they didn’t want us to leave. It took an age to get a bill, and even longer to get access to the card machine. I should say the staff looked run off their feet, and maybe that was because it’s so new open and they’re just working through teething problems…one hopes.


Overall, tasty. Very busy and expensive. But excellent value for the kiddy-winks.


Would I go back? It’s a big perhaps. Watch this space!

Have you been? What do you think about it?



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7 thoughts on “Eusebi Deli – West-End

  • Leanne

    We tried out Eusebi’s a couple of weeks ago. Like you we went around 1.30 and were waiting almost half an hour for a table. The food was really tasty and all made fresh. We didn’t have to wait to long for our food to arrive. Rowan’s portion of pasta was the same size as mine and cost half the price.
    The changing facilities looked good but I struggled to see where one buggy would go let alone three. Maybe if you caught it at a quiet time.
    The take away food all looked great. I’m thinking take outs for summer picnics.
    The service was mixed. I found it quite hard to get people’s attention but once I got it they were very helpful and friendly.
    I would of liked to see more snacky foods on the menu such as soup and sandwiches.
    I would go back again.

    • Shayna Post author

      Agreed about the pram. I wouldn’t want to bring a pram on a weekend, but I’m sure during coffee hours (rather than busy lunch or dinner) you’d be able to get a few prams in.

      The service was definitely mixed, but friendly. I totally agree there’s a lunch “snacky” food bit missing – at a reasonable price! I think that would help for the weekday crowd. You don’t always want to go out for expensive pizza / pasta during the week.

      And how can they actually charge half the price for the same amount of food. It really just shows that there’s a tremendous mark-up on their food if they can afford to half the costs for kids. I just can’t see how the “adult” foods in the pasta / pizza make it that much more expensive than the kiddy versions.

      I think I’ll try it during the week some time – when it’s a bit less busy. Join?

      • Leanne

        It was a week day that we went and it was mobbed. It had only been open a week though so there was still a lot of hype about it. Maybe be a bit quieter now.
        We’d be very happy to join you.

  • Anabel

    Look, I found you! I haven’t been here yet, but have heard good reports. It’s on the list of places to go, even if your review detracts slightly from that intention.

    • Shayna Post author

      Hi! Welcome to ttt.

      Listen, I’m sure if you didn’t have a little person ticking time bomb you would have a different experience. But like I said, the food was tasty and there’s no doubt they use fresh ingredients and make it to order.

      Let me know what you think of the place. ☺

      • Anabel

        We finally went there on Saturday evening with another couple. Very, very busy – we had booked but still had to hang around at least 15 minutes for a table. Service, I would agree, was erratic. I think they might have over-reached themselves in terms of volume of customers. Food tasty but not outstandingly so. They don’t have a licence yet but didn’t charge corkage which is good. Overall, maybe 3/5 but not rushing back!

        • Shayna Post author

          WOW!Completely didn’t see the comment. Apologies! Not really checking all that often.
          Okay, so a meh review too than. I agree they over-reached. Plus, they have a downstairs area. Why aren’t they using it as well?! But making sure they have the staff if using the downstairs. But I digress, I won’t be rushing back, especially if in a hurry.