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I just can’t help myself. Whenever I go out with the lady, whether to the shops, the park or to playgroup, we end up going out for tea and a babyccino. Today is of course no exception.


After a brief sojourn at my favourite craft place, Mandors, where I picked up a few bits and bobs for a birthday badge I’m going to make, we hit the coffee scene.


I wanted to go to the The Project Cafe since it’s literally right next door but they were closed (their loss). So instead, we marched our way to check out some art, cool music and delish food (well, no food today).

Toddler at Saramago

Saramago is really a go to place for us. The food, which is vegan and oh so tasty, is really accessible and easy for toddlers. Hummus and fresh bread are a staple on the menu as are soup, pasta and sandwiches. It really is a great place to introduce your little people to fresh and tasty flavours. But today we only had a decaf tea and a babyccino, (all caked-out from Halloween).


So why do I love the place?  There are  few reasons.Saramago bar

  1. It’s one of the most bright and airy places I’ve been to in Glasgow, even on a gloomy day
  2. There’s plenty of space for prams and for the little people to explore
  3. The food, cakes and drinks are tasty, well presented and well priced
  4. The service is good
  5. They cater to kids and young people with their menu and with the availability of a baby change
  6. It’s a great place to take in modern culture – art, music and fashion
  7. You always feel cool when you go there, no matter if it’s for just a drink or for a full meal.


One nice thing they do that many places don’t, is table service for drinks (perfect when you don’t want to leave your precious babe alone to head to the bar). They’re also really accommodating when it comes to giving you smaller cups for your enormous babyccino and when you ask for a forest-full of napkins for all of the spilled babyccino.


Babyccino in 2 cups

The babyccino needed to be decanted to a smaller cup


In short, definitely a thumbs up from me, both as a general eating and drinking joint and as a toddler-friendly place.


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