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It was a dark and cold evening but the lady and I were meeting daddy for a drink after work and nursery. We wanted toPicture of coffee beans stay local so we decided to keep close to the city and the west-end. The Coffee Pod, billing itself as the longest-standing coffee shop on Woodlands, was our choice. You know, the place that used to be Beanscene back in the day… and in many still is apart from the name.


I don’t know the story of the old Beanscene, but when a cafe or restaurant changes its name you expect a change. A clean up and perhaps some new decor. Not the Coffee Pod. Stuck in a time warp, it has the same pictures, couches, everything! It’s not that you need to change everything dramatically, but I think the decor could use a bit of a sprucing up. And to be honest, it just feels like the new owners just didn’t make any effort, living off the old reputation.


Apart from a tired look, the Coffee Pod was perfectly nice. The staff were excellent and attentive, the food and coffees were nice and there was plenty of room (and books) to keep a toddler happy.


Storytime at the Coffee Pod

Storytime at the Coffee Pod


One really nice thing they did (and I don’t know if this is historical or just with the new ownership) is that I asked for a kids sandwich and they were more than happy to make a small cheese sandwich for me. Off menu. I think this type of flexibility is really important for customers with kids. You don’t always want to give them cake or biscuits when you’re out and about, a small sandwich is a great alternative.Babyccino and sandwich


I don’t know what its like during the day, but on a horrid evening it was a great pit stop on the way home. It was that evening so we had a couch by the window all to ourselves, with plenty of storytime going on.


Its a bit of a pain to get in the door with a buggy (as it always was), but apart from that, there’s plenty of room, loads of couches and a great atmosphere for mums and babies alike. Two thumbs up from me (at least for coffee and snack). Oh and they make a mean babyccino (approved by the lady).


Have you been? What do you think?

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