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So far it seems from this blog that the lady doesn’t go out, apart from the West-end of Glasgow. While that’s mostly true (I can’t really be bothered driving places when there’s so much around us), we do sometimes go further afield.


But sometimes we do leave our den of comfort and venture out. This time, we were in Edinburgh for a friend’s birthday curry. While JC and I were both quite excited to have a nice curry, we were trepidatious about how the lady would take it. But, we didn’t falter and decided to give it a try.


The birthday lunch was in a well-known Edinburgh establishment, Kushi’s. JC and I had been before at the Victoria Street location but hadn’t been to the their new premises so we wanted to see how it fared compared to the old place (which sadly burned down a few years ago).


First things first, pretty much when we walked in the door and almost before we bade the birthday girl best wishes, we ordered a kid’s portion of a mild curry, rice and naan and kept our fingers crossed.


Two little people playing at the dinner table

While we were waiting for her food to arrive she set herself up for a cozy afternoon at the booth we were sitting in. Of course she mingled with her fellow birthday party attendees, but she also made sure to have her entertainment centre all set up ready to go. And with a stroke of luck, there was also another wee person at the curry so she and he (though slightly older), spent some time colouring, playing lego and of course watching the phone… as always in these situations.


When the food finally arrived everyone was ready to dig in (including the adults who were perishing but still waiting for theirs). Sometimes I think the size of a meal can put the lady off, so I was happy when the curry portion was just the right size for little tummies and not something almost akin to an adult portion.


The smell was divine, but sadly, the lady was carb-loading that day so while the rice and naan went down a treat, the curry (which was very tasty!) was left untouched. Apart from chowing down on HER carbs, she didn’t hold back when it came to inhaling all of the adult’s poppodoms (or crisps as she calls them). Whatever. I was glad she ate something and though she didn’t try the curry, she was at least exposed to new tastes and smells, even if she didn’t want to get stuck in.


Overall it was a very nice experience. Though they don’t have a “western” kids menu, you can get a small portion of curry and rice which is very tasty indeed. The atmosphere was very pleasant, with a modern clean feel to it. They have a baby change and lots of space to park prams at the front of the restaurant.

toys on a plate

And for anyone with little babies, it’s a great place for sensory experiences. There’s plenty of pictures on the walls, shiny object and a map of the world across a whole wall. Really, a nice feast for the eyes as well as the stomach.


I think its a thumbs up from the lady as well (probably the ice cream at the end that did it) since she was able to sit pretty quietly for around 3 hours while we all ate. Well done to her and her fellow wee man!


How down are you on the curry with your toddler? Does this place work for you?





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