With a new year comes a new commitment to eating out 4

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The new year always feels like a time of renewal, a time to start afresh, a time to be better than the last year.


Like everyone else I started the new year with this ideal in mind. I would get rid of the the stresses and cares of the past and start being a more calm, cool and collected person ready for what jumps out at me. I would be so much better at organising my time, better at scheduling in family, work and leisure time and of course, I would write up posts as an when I go out to make the TTT pages more exciting and vibrant.


Realistically, I’m not even able to catch my breath from the last year so I’m not sure where to start being calmer, more organised. But I’m hopeful.


I’m doing this thing called the 100 Day Goal through the Business Bakery (well actually it’s my second shot at it since the first one saw the start of the TTT pages). I really enjoyed it the last time and it was very motivating so I thought I would do it again (and I highly recommend it).


Basically, I decide on a big goal (mine is of course TTT related) and create 100 micro-actions to get me closer to my end goal. In the 100 days you do one micro-action a day and Voila! You’ve hit your goal!


On the surface that sounds easy peasy lemon squeezy, but I’m struggling to find the time at the moment. So, it’s going to be a LONG 100 days. Fingers crossed I get some of my 50 (I know – only half the number needed) micro-actions completed.


And, some of my micro-actions are specifically related to actually going out there and researching places for the blog. So, my TTT resolutions for 2016 are:


  1. Be more strategic – the internet, your ideas and spreadsheets will help guide me to TTT bliss
  2. Go out more often – but making sure I’m more strategic than I was in 2015
  3. Venture outside my comfort zone – I know I need to head out of the West End so watch out world!
  4. Be more social – I’m going to try and bring a friend, make a play date or whatever to share the fun


Sounds easy right… well, here’s to a Tot Tastic 2016 folks! I’ll keep you posted on how I do!

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