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Ever feel like all you do is eat kid friendly food when you’re out. Or make restaurant choices based on what your toddler will eat? Sometimes its nice to be able to go out to a nicer restaurant and enjoy a steak, a high-end meal or something that isn’t pasta related. Not to mention the idea of eating out after the sun sets!


We ended up going out in the start of January for my father-in-law’s birthday dinner. It was an early meal (5.30pm is generally a bit too early, and North American for me but I went with the flow) at the McMillan Bar + Chop House on Pollokshaws Road. And I would say it’s a must try for anyone looking for a tasty, reasonably priced dinner out with an adult feel.


From the outside the restaurant kind of looks like a boring industrial-looking brick rectangular building. It doesn’t look like much and I’m sure you’d pass it without noticing it except for the huge sign. But, when you walk in you’re greeted with a nicely appointed bar and beautifully roaring fire (or at least we were since it was January).


We ended up sitting in the back in the restaurant area in a comfy booth. We all squeezed in, and despite there being 2 adults and a toddler on one side, there was plenty of room. (They did give us a high chair but I think the Lady is too big for it now so she blanked it when we got to the table).


Despite there being no windows in the back restaurant area it felt bright and airy. This was in part because of the very high ceiling (warehouse style with exposed rafters and vents), the wall-mounted mirrors across the top and middle wall space, and the wall-mounted light fixtures at each booth.

McMillan Bar + Chop House restaurant view

As for food, you’re in for a treat. While the adults enjoyed steak (pretty reasonably priced and delish) and a beautiful chicken burger of a real flame kissed chicken breast, the Lady enjoyed what I would say was some of the best chicken goujons I’ve ever tasted. Real chicken in a fluffy and crispy batter and hand cut chips. Lip-smackingly good!


Yummy Chicken Goujons and Chips


But if your little one doesn’t do chicken, there’s plenty of the usual choices, you know, burger and chips, mac n cheese and fish and chips. But, if the chicken goujons are anything to go by, they won’t be the frozen kind and you’ll want to eat the leftovers (which there will definitely be since the portions are super huge!). Of course it comes with an ice cream as well… which I’m sure they’ll find room for after eating the world!


They really do cater to kids, with a colouring menu, a change table for babies and a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and staff.



Would I recommend the place, for sure! Go on, have an adult dinner out with the kids… even on a Saturday night! My only suggestion, book ahead.

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2 thoughts on “The McMillan Bar + Chop House

  • Marie Brown

    Must try this with the little ones, we have been with grown ups only and enjoyed it thouroughly so good to know its child friendly too 🙂

    • Shayna Post author

      Yeah it was really nice. Mind we went early, but it was still a good steak and the Lady really enjoyed her chicken as well (and so did we!)