All you need is to be prepared

So you’ll notice it’s been a bit quiet on the TTT front. That’s in large part due the crazy chaos that has befallen our house over the last 3 weeks.


From the lady getting sick for almost two weeks (including quarantine time), to me and my flu and tonsillitis, to my husband and his very infected finger and knee, it’s a bumpy ride we’re still driving through. (Fingers crossed we’re out the back of it by the beginning of next week!).


But, like any good writer, chaos brings with it a silver lining of a great blog idea. And so, I present to you my theory that there’s no bad time to go out only a need for extra preparedness in times of illness, particularly when it comes to communicable illness.


Out and about while ill - photo collage

Okay, okay, I hear you gasping at this statement thinking it’s unwise, socially unacceptable and putting people at risk. I assure you I’m not condoning licking people, spitting everywhere, sneezing over everyone or spreading puss. My point is that just because you may be contagious doesn’t mean you have to stop everything.


Case in point… sadly the lady contracted herpes this summer both in her mouth and on her hand. She was hospitalised for 4 days and had to be quarantined until everything healed; all told, almost a month. She was highly infectious with her goopy bits so we had to stay away from children, older people and anyone with compromised immunity,  including pregnant ladies.  So we played at home, went to the park during quiet times (and wiped everything down afterward) and played in the garden. I got a bit stir crazy, and I imagine so did she!


So this time, her second recurrence since summer, I became a bit lax on what we would do during the quarantine. Don’t get me wrong, we stayed at home when she was very ill! But when she was transitioning from being sick to only healing (and continued quarantine) we ventured out. Really, we just had to get out!

Running in the Botanics

Do I look ill?!


From babyccinos to lunches out and playing in the Botanics, we certainly didn’t become shrinking violets.


Now obviously I’m not suggesting taking a very ill child (or self) out, but while you’re on the mend there’s nothing wrong with having a bit of time out to get some air and regain your strength.


My going out preparedness tips are as follows:

  1. Assess whether you should actually be going out! If you’re not ready, wait a day or so
  2. Head to somewhere local with a good loo when it isn’t too busy
  3. Bring plenty of baby wipes, tissues and extra clothes, just in case
  4. If it’s the mouth that’s contagious than bring extra cutlery and a cup or use disposable
  5. If the hands are contagious than bring gloves or a barrier (like plasters)
  6. Don’t forget the Calpol (baby or mummy strength)
  7. Remember to have fun, but don’t get carried away! You don’t want to have a relapse from your fun outting


What do you think? Something you’ll try out or too risky? Let me know what you think!


*though landfills have grown with disposable cups and cutlery for the making of this post, no person(s) or animals have become sick (apart from mummy!)


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