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Elsa at Singl-end

Do you know what you need to do on a horrible weekend afternoon? Go out for some absolutely amazing food and chilled atmosphere. If you make your way to Singl-end in the Garnethill area that’s exactly what you’ll get!


Last weekend, after a tough morning, we found ourselves in Garnethill and decided to give Singl-end a go. We’d passed it before, both in it’s old incarnation and as it is now, and were really keen to give it a try.


I’d always shunned away from Singl-end in the past because I had the pram and the steep set of stairs to the main entrance just really didn’t appeal. But, I have since found out that there is an easy to access door and with only 3 small internal steps, getting in with a pram is definitely manageable!


Love, love, loved the place! The food, the atmosphere and the soundtrack to my university years! (They had A LOT of Red Hot Chilli Peppers playing along with some soul and CCR).


If you’re looking for genuinely tasty, fresh and homemade food than Singl-end fits the bill. They make all their own breads (apart from the enormous Altamura bread which they ship in directly from Italy) and cater to all food needs (whether you’re gluten-free, vegan, plain veggie, etc). They have specials to die for (like Mexican eggs with homemade salsa and guacamole on homemade sourdough bread!!!) and home bakes that are both pleasing to the eyes and to your tummy.


The Wee Singl-end menu is also a Eating porridgereal treat. Not pandering to the pizza / fish fingers / chicken goujons shtick, they offer fresh porridge (huge portion), cheese on toast with veggies and fruit, eggs, and well, I can’t remember what else, but it was all very tasty and looked like smaller portions of the adult menu.


We ended up hanging out in Singl-end for a few hours (mostly because we couldn’t be bothered moving) and despite that, there was plenty to keep the lady occupied. We not only did a sing-a-long to the music, but we spied a box of dominos in the snug area by the accessible door, and it kept us all going for quite a while (okay so we didn’t actually play dominos, but we made pretend walls and buildings that were a scream to knock down!).


The airiness of the placDominos at Singl-ende really makes it welcoming and comfortable. From the sounds of it, it’s a real hub for the community, and not just the hipsters from the Art School. Not only is great for chillin’ on a weekend, but they have a crowd of after-school kids and parents that come by regularly. With two separate comfy couch areas and big tables at the back, it’s no wonder! And they really seem to like having the after-school crowd, even showcasing some of the after-school kid’s art on the wall!


Though not a cheap eat (but not a bank breaker either), it’s a really nice place to while away some time. With a baby-change, free wi-fi and plenty of high chairs, it’s really well worth a visit, whether with tot or alone! Delectable!



Have you been? What did you think?


Singl-end collage

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    • Shayna Post author

      From what I can remember, it was an empty space for a while, behind the Garage. And then the Art School used it as an exhibition space and then there was a cafe in it (also Singl-end), but different management and looked a bit “studenty”. But the new look and feel is super! Definitely worth a visit!