William (Cafe)

Window shot of William

Joining an array of delicious food and beverage joints on Queen Margaret Drive is William. Taking over what was once the florist bit of Andersons the fruit vendor, it’s a nice place to park yourself for a few glorious moments of calm.


A fairly new location to try, being that it only opened in December 2015, it’s fast becoming a popular place for locals and cake aficianados alike. Perhaps the secret to their success is that William is really just a new location for the hard working, and very talented bakers who used to supply the goodies to Felix & Oscar on Great Western Road. So now that F&O is no more, they have a place to call their own.


Kids hot chocolate at William

We went on a family outing one weekend and enjoyed some rather swell hot drinks and cakes. Lured in by their flashing “Cafe” sign and minimalist decor, we weren’t disappointed. They have a bespoke kids hot chocolate full of marshmallows and cream which you can imagine was consumed very readily by the Lady. Though not an insubstantial portion the price is a bit hefty for what it is (£2.00 for the drink + £0.50 for the cream and marshmallows). But, who can put a price on a happy child!?!


For the adult chocoholic, William is definitely somewhere to come back to again and again with their vast hot chocolate menu including: chili, cinnamon, cardomom, white chocolate, ginger, orange and their own special blend (intriguing!).


As for the baked treats, yummy, yummy, yummy! We weren’t very adventurous but what we had was delish! A moreish rocky road filled to the brim with marshmallows and biscuit pieces, and an apricot jam filled scone (no not a scone with jam, but a scone stuffed and baked with jam that you can then open and butter and put more spread on! Oh so scrummy).

William branded boxes

I know they do other food as well but we didn’t have anything. Saying that, I’d be interested in trying it out since whenever I pass all the seats are taken and people seem happy with their lot. So, on that basis I’ll be back William!


It’s not a big place with only 10 seats so you have to plan ahead to have your coffee, cake or meal. Don’t be put off by the size of the place since they do take-away coffees and cakes, perfect for a picnic in the Botanics just down the road.


If you’re bringing your tot there are some things to know:
1. There is actually room for a pram in the cafe (though you’d be better off folding it)
2. They have high chairs available for sit-in customers
3. Though they have a toilet (big bonus for Queen Margaret Drive), they don’t have a baby change
4. They have a good selection of colouring books and pencils ready and waiting to keep kids occupied

William shop shelves


Overall the funky atmosphere is a real draw with their flashing signage, mix and match tables and chairs and cool music. The one drawback I would say, is their sparse shop. I feel it really detracts from the image since the shelves look bare even though the wares were cute; ceramic egg cups, coffee sets, baking sets and soaps.


Is this a tot tastic location? For sure! Especially since there’s plenty of space to bring a pram (and dance down the aisle if you so desired!) And of course, for any chocoholics out there, there’s plenty to try as well.


If you head there for a chocolate drink let me know how what its like… I only had the mint tea!




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