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Sometimes when I visit the leafy south side of Glasgow (which I’m doing more and more these days due to the nursery run), I feel trapped by the dearth of places to stop and enjoy a bite. I guess I’m just used to the vast choice I have in the West End and the City Centre. I feel like you really have to know where to go to get a good nosh since its hidden by the suburban spread.


Saying that, I need to do more exploring because I’m told there are plenty of places to choose from. One such yummy stop I’ve discovered is the Boathouse in Rouken Glen Park. It’s a super friendly locale for mums with plenty of buggy space, comfy couches and kid friendly food (and the cutest duck shaped soap dispensers in the WC – sorry didn’t get a photo!)


I’ve been a few times and each time its been a hive of activity during the lunching hours. Its a real mixed crowd that frequents the Boathouse. Every time I’ve been there roughly half of the tables had a least one little person tucking into something delish looking.


From the moment you walk in you can tell its a relaxed atmosphere. There’s a giant stuffed bear waiting to greet you as you open the door and a set of comfy couches to lounge in while you wait for a table.


Mums enjoying the Boathouse with their babies

Mums enjoying a blether

Once seated, try and get a window seat if you can. Though the back of the restaurant isn’t dark per se, the whole frontage is ceiling to floor windows so window seats give you the best shot at taking in the rays (or grey when the clouds hang in the sky). And, a window seat is the best way to enjoy the ornamental duck pond from inside; a warm way you and your toddler can watch the black-faced gulls, ducks and swans glide and fly overhead. And of course the perfect place for a bit of sly people watching out the window as well. There are plenty of dog-walkers, toddler-walkers and adult walkers taking a constitutional around the pond, which can also be very interesting for inquisitive eyes.


More than a great place to park your bum, they have yummy food as well. They do have a bespoke kids menu, but the food looks freshly made and not out of a package or the freezer. From scrambled eggs to toasties and sandwiches, mac’n’cheese and a picnic platter, there’s plenty to choose from at a very reasonable price. They even have Babycinnos on the menu! Toddlers are definitely well catered for!


The basic toddler amenities are all there. There are high chairs, baby change and kiddie menu. A buggy park and comfy couches. And a few giant stuffed bears ready and waiting for a cuddle. There’s fresh and healthy food and also plenty of cake (for mums and dads of course! )


But, the one downside is that it is very busy and can often be quite loud. As someone I met there once said “this place is like a creche”. If you’re okay with a bit of noise and loads of parents and kids around than this is a place to check out.


If the noise is a turn-off than you can always grab an ice cream from the little window kiosk and take a seat on a bench next to the pond.  There are public facilities in the back of the Boathouse building available to all Park users so if you need to wash sticky hands or if toilet training is an on-going issue, you don’t have to set foot into the cafe. The WCs are maintained by the park staff and are clean so take comfort in the fact that at least you’ll not be grossed out.


Overall, a definite thumbs up.


Why not start or finish your Rouken Glen ramble at the Boathouse and let me know what you think.


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2 thoughts on “The Boathouse in Rouken Glen Park

  • Merle Ames

    The places to eat and visit with your friends when you have your small children with you are limited. This place seems like it will work. Thank you for the great review and the pics. You gave a good critical review.