A snowy ramble at Passover


With Passover comes the monotony of matza. Its eight days of matza, matza, matza! That stomach aching food that makes you feel full and hungry all at the same time.

Eight days is a long time so, to break up the holiday we head out and enjoy nature and the sites on a matza ramble. And because of the food restrictions, a picnic is a must. There’s no cheeky sandwich or scone from the local cafe. Its what you pack or nothing.

This year I organised a west end gathering hoping we could meet in a sunny Glasgow Botanic Gardens for some outdoor playing and sun bathing.

Unfortunately that was so far from reality! Rather than a sunny picnic we had snow, sleet, hail!


I mean I’m Canadian and all but sheesh! I can’t remember EVER seeing snow and sleet like this in Canada… at the end of April!

But, despite the horrible weather, we perservered. We made our way out to the Kibble Palace for what was a lovely and warm picnic.

It was a small crowd but we had fun.


With matza, tuna, chicken, veggies, crisps, fruit, chocolate chip matza meal cookies and chocolate, no one went hungry!

And once we finished eating, there was plenty of running around between the plants, watching the fish and exploring the hothouses to keep everyone excited.

Not a typical Mazta Ramble indeed, but a fun way to pass the matza away!

Have you done any fun rambles lately? Where did you go? What food did you bring?

This year, let the matza guide you!

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