Waterstones bookshop and cafe on Byres Road



What do you do after a trip to the library? Babyccino of course!


So that’s what we did. From one book repository to another (librarying must be in the blood!).


Its not that I’d been avoiding going to Waterstones before our visit, but I had been. It seemed a bit cramped and hard to navigate, especially with a pram. But this time, as the Lady is finally starting to grumble less when forced to walk to Byres Road without a pram, I thought I’d take a gander at the goods. To be honest, I’m glad I did.


It was much more child friendly than I thought. Yes, the cafe part is a bit squished (though the high ceilings make it feel less cramped), but I really had a great time. They have plenty of snacks suitable for kiddos, including Bear Yoyo snacks, several flavours of My Favourite Bear Biscuits and of course the healthy option of pieces of fruit – but who would ACTUALLY choose these?!

Drinking a babyccino with a cup Girl on tippie toes to see cakes










More to the point, there were plenty of yummy looking cakes, tasty sandwich options and super soups, most of which seem to be supplied by Martha’s.

Cakes on display


I’m a cheapo so all we had was coffee and babyccinos (okay, Adi ate her own snack too). But seriously, next time I’ll be sampling the goods. What?!… We had coffee at 5pm! Like I was going to ruin my appetite for dinner! *hangs head* I know… next time I’ll get a cake! Promise!



We ended up staying a bit longer than I thought we would. The atmosphere was just so chill. They had nice jazz playing, really lovely staff, and great customer service (I guess I forgot to ask for decaf so after a sip I realised the harsh coffee just wasn’t the watery stuff I needed. They were really nice about replacing the coffee without a fuss).


And for anyone needing non-cow milk options, you’re in luck! They also seem to have a great selection of soy, almond and coconut to choose from (oh west-end! You’re so hipster!)


For anyone with a wee person in nappies, despite the small size, there actually IS a baby change and toilet. Definitely a bonus!


Overall, lovely if you can get a seat.


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