Vanilla Black at the Theatre Royal

Its not often I get to go to town and hang out with the Lady these days. What with groups, swim lessons, nursery and just general busy-ness. But today, on this bright and warm day, I did!

And not only that, I even got an hour to myself for a quick wander through some shops. I guess I have to say thank you nursery for your field trip to the Theatre Royal!

I thought it was silly to drive south just for the Lady to take the bus to town, take the bus back and for us to drive back northward past town, through rush hour traffic. So I decided to meet the class at the Theatre, thus giving the Lady and I some time before and after her workshop to mess about together like best pals in the toon.

And indeed I thoroughly enjoyed our time.

The plan was to go to Cafe Hula for lunch then mosey on over to the Theatre Royal to meet her friends. But I panicked that it was actually at the Kings, so I popped in early to check it out.

Long story short, no one knew what I was talking about and by the time it was sorted there wasn’t enough time to go anywhere but in the venue; Vanilla Black at the Theatre.

As luck would have it, it was delish! My toasted sandwich was quite large and looked oh so pretty with the white and black seasame seeds on it.

And the Lady’s lunch was great – three sandwich triangles with cheese, a small cup of fruit, an orange drink box and a side salad (yeah right she would eat it!), all for under £4. *cha ching! Fist pump*

She gobbled it all up and enjoyed sitting in the window seat watching the world pass by.

Then, as we waited for the rest of the class to arrive, we wandered up and around the beautifully bright, airy and inviting front area of the newly refurbed theatre. And we found a wonderful balcony area as well! Superb on such a lovely day!




In all, it wasn’t so cheap for our lunch, but the kids stuff was perfectly reasonable (and freshly made). The venue itself is very beautiful and relaxing, with classical music humming in the background.

Granted it wasn’t a busy day and it may be more of a tight squeeze at show time, but on a Monday at 12.30pm, I would recommend it.

There’s a babychange and toilets downstairs (accessible by lift) and lovely marble floors and carpeted staircases to keep crawling babies amused.

So yes, check it out. And if you do, tell me how the cakes are! (I think its the same people who had Vanilla Black on Sauchiehall, and they had super yummy cakes).

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