margherita pizza

A bit of a rant here … since when is leftover pizza from lunch NOT a healthy snack for nursery? Vegetarian at that (okay, no veggies since she won’t eat them, just Quorn pepperoni). And only just 2 small measly pieces. I know it’s not quite as good for you as say, an apple or carrot sticks, but my lovely daughter won’t eat those things so why shouldn’t I give her leftovers? It wasn’t a take-away pizza or anything, just one of those mini pizzas.


I should say that the nursery didn’t come up to me and tell me, it was actually the Lady. She told me a friend had told her “pizza isn’t a snack for nursery, its for lunch!”


I know, I know, don’t be put off by a 4 year old, but its really for the Lady’s sake that I’m put out. I feel bad that at the age of 3 and a half she’s feeling peer pressure. I mean come on!


For now, I’ll stop giving her leftovers and only give her more “healthy” foods. But I say it now, give it a few years and they’ll be eating chips, crisps and chocolate like its going out of fashion… let alone pizza!


Rant over!

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