Papercup Coffee Company

drawings on the wall

Like coffee? Want to feel part of the scene? Then you’ll be right at home at Papercup Coffee Company. Its one of those places where hipsters, yummy mummies, coffee aficionados and stressed out students all converge. Its definitely a place where you want to be seen, especially if you’re a cool toddler.


It’s not like some of the coffee houses in the West End where everything looks pristine and beautiful. Nor is it a Starbucks, with its cookie cutter decor of whimsical black & white photos of random people laughing and enjoying life. No, its got a soul.


It really is just the epitome of cool. Its unassuming. It has a feel of disheveledness you’d find in most hipster places;  its concrete floors, scruffy tables and benches, its open planned kitchen and storage areas and its hole in the wall toilet area adding to the look and feel.


Okay, okay, I’m not really selling it, but I promise you’ll love it! It’s got super funky drawings on the wall, a plethora of coffee accessories and beans, caters to vegans and GF folks, and has some yummy food  (I’m quite partial to the sourdough toast, feta, tomato and avocado breakfast, but it is one of those places for the #wewantplates movement).


Walk down Great Western Road by Byres Road and you’d miss it amoungst the shop fronts. But, it does have a chalkboard sandwich board outside with funny quips so keep your eyes peeled for it.

Maybe she's born with it

They definitely cater to young folks. At any given time there’s at least one, in a pram or sitting on a bench. But generally you’ll find children of all sizes and natures sitting and taking in their surroundings.


I’d say the best part of the place is the people watching. You never know what type of person will sit next to you. Like the time the Lady and I popped in for a morning refreshment and we were listening in on some random students talk about a psychology experiment they were conducting and an idea they had that would REVOLUTIONISE the field – ha ha ha! It was quite funny.


To be honest, its the type of place where I bet the kiddos are doing more than just sipping their drink, they’re probably thinking about feminist theory and how it relates to our understandings and engagement with the food and drinks industry. Or something like it… perhaps?!

cup with a doll


So what are the plus points of this place:

  • Its definitely caters to small people
  • The babyccinos are made cool enough for little people to actually drink it right away
  • Tasty food and drinks (iced latte with maple syrup for mummy – yes please!)
  • Its cool and makes you feel it too
  • I think they have WiFi – I haven’t checked but I can only image that it would since there are people parked there with laptops
  • Ecological with its compostable take-away cups


  • SMALLLLLLLL toilet with absolutely no space for changing babies or toddlers
  • Not a lot of room for prams (though I have brought my Bugaboo Bee in when the Lady was sleeping, when she was smaller)
  • Expensive babyccino (£1 for a very small one), but actually its pretty standard pricing these days and I bet you could ask for a bigger one)


The atmosphere at Papercup


With all of this in mind, go! Give it a shot (or two) – even if you decaf it like I do!


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