Bocadillo Cafe Bistro


It’s funny how your life swings in roundabouts. Before The Lady, when I was working in the Charing Cross area in Glasgow, I pretty much ate at
Bocadillo Cafe and Bistro a few times a week.


Not only did I enjoy eating there myself, but it was midway between mine and my hubby’s work so every so often we met there for lunch (awww… so romantic!)


Then, when I stopped working, I barely made my way to that part of the city, at least to frequent the cafes. Even when The Lady started nursery around the corner from it, I never managed to eat there again. It wasn’t that it changed, just wasn’t a priority eat.


So when we had our dentist appointment in the area, and I had 30 minutes left on my parking voucher, I thought heck, why not! A great post-dentist treat 😄


Bocadillo hot chocolate

It’s a really nice, airy place to visit if you have kids. There’s plenty of windows to let in the natural light, there’s a baby change, loads of room between tables for prams and some yummy food and drink. I wouldn’t say it’s a sophisticated menu; sandwiches, paninis, baked tatties and the like, but very tasty.

Seating at Bocadillo

The only drawback, if memory serves, is that the lunch crowd is massive so don’t go between 12pm and 2pm. Not unless you want to be smooshed by the crowds. (As we were there at 9.30am, it was lovely and peaceful!)


My verdict, give it a go for an early coffee, todder-timed lunch or afternoon tea.


Sometimes you have to take a bunny selfie

Sometimes you have to take a bunny selfie while at a cafe!

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