Road Trip snack attack 2

So we’re cooped up in the car heading to York for a family reunion and of course, as a good picnic maker I know we’re totally self-sufficient for all food needs.


Want a sandwich? Got it.

A pack of crisps? Got 3 (and a half tube of dill pickle Pringles).

How about a sweet treat? A full bag of chewy sweets, chocolate and biscuits.

I also have the required nutrition, with 6 baby oranges, half an apple and a smattering of grapes and melon.

The first half of the trip has been better than expected, other than an unforsee toddler toilet incident at the side of the road…


And now, only just moving again. Twenty minutes stopped on a merge road! Come on people!

Scratch that. Stopped again. Sigh.

At least we’ve got lots of food, some water, great tunes and a sleeping toddler.


Hoorah for the little things.

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