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Doune the Rabbit Hole Lineup


We headed out this past weekend to the Lady’s first music festival, Doune the Rabbit Hole. We didn’t know exactly what to expect, we’d never been to a festival with a kid, but we hoped it would be an experience to remember (and not because of tantrums or fits).


In fact, it was superb! We only went for the day (rather than camping as we’re not the camping sort of folk), but I don’t think we missed a thing (okay, other than a few bands, but we really got to feel the atmosphere and the vibe).


We danced, we sang, we watched a film in a yurt eating popcorn, we played in the kids area (yes, they had a bespoke kids section with arts & crafts, sand, Lego, toys, sports equipment and even a library where campers  could borrow books for the night and return them in the  morning!), and we ate. Boy did we eat.


Like all good festivals, there was plenty of food. But unlike most commercial festivals, where gross burger vans are a dime a dozen, this was a festival that catered to everyone, of all food persuasions. Okay, so it’s a bit of a hippy dippy festival with their compost toilets and crystal shops, but I can truly say that the hippy dippy bits were actually charming, and everyone with food issues was definitely covered. From gluten-free pizzas to vegan burgers, falafel, samosas and the unexpected salmon and ultra-meaty haggis and buffalo burgers, everyone could find something to nosh on.


popcorn in a yurt

So that’s just what we did. We ate our way around the place. After we sussed the face painting stall for the Lady (priority number one for her she advised), we started our nosh with some delicious salty / sweet freshly
popped popcorn. OMG! The kernels were so big! I make popcorn at home and mine never turn out as beautiful as this bag. I don’t know what you did Poporopo Popcorn but it was scrumdiddlyumcious!


Then for dinner we ate wood fired pizza, ready in 90 seconds. Crispy, light, fluffy and just that little bit charred at the edges, just like I like it.


Sitting under a beautiful tree, watching festival goers pass by (in all states), listening to the music as it roars out of the speakers, drinking some delicious cider – bliss. I mean who could ask for better? It was dry, sunny, a bit muddy but we had our boots, everyone was pleasant and the food was delish.


As always, we got hungry later on… and of course, after having already scoffed our pizza and all of our “home” snacks, there was nothing left to do but sample more wares. So, what to choose from? Samosas? Falafel? Stew? Cakes? Burgers? Yes, burgers. And even then, so much choice! Veggie, vegan, salmon or beef… lots of choice. What I chose was delicious. That’s all you need to know!


And then, only a few hours after that, of course the Lady got hungry. I mean it was almost 9pm (she was such a trooper staying up so late). Crepe with Nutella and banana… yes please. Hot off the griddle with chocolate oozing out, the banana warm and melty. Mmmmm.


All in all we had such a great time at Doune the Rabbit Hole we’re going to try and go again next year! With loads of kid-friendly things to do, clean (enough) toilets, great grub and a chill but vibrant atmosphere (without too many stumbling folk), why not! I’d even be willing to go in the rain (and that’s saying a lot).


Were you there? What was your take on it? We thought it was tot tastic. Did you?


Tiger and bunny at festival

The tiger who came to a festival

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