Wagamama London (Gatwick) style

Child eating noodles

Travelling by air can be soul-destroying! You move in brightly lit corridors without a trace of any natural light, breathing in everyone’s germs, skin cells and bogies, in the highly filtered recycled air. And then you’re forced to eat in some of the worst restaurants you’d never otherwise choose to eat in. You can either eat a pre-packed sandwich or salad from Boots (in the UK) or a more posh eaterie like EAT, but really, if you’re hungry and want a “hot” meal, your choices are really limited.


As adults we can choose whether to give in to our hunger or to wait for the in-flight snack trolley. Kids unfortunately don’t have the same abilities. They don’t ignore hunger pangs. They need fed right away. Not in 30 minutes, not in 5 minutes, but NOW!


So when we were recently in Gatwick airport I was pleasantly surprised to actually have ENJOYED my pre-flight meal in an airport eaterie.


I can’t praise Wagamama (North Terminal in Gatwick) highly enough! There was a window looking outside (okay so it was dark when we arrived for a bite but still, imagine on a nice day!). And their food was quick, delish and dare I say it, healthy! Not to mention the fact that the kids meal was more than just a pile of sloppy noodles, it was pleasing to the eye, healthy and very veggie heavy!


Now I don’t know if the menu is different in the airport to anywhere else as I don’t usually eat there (I’ve had some bad experiences with cold food, small portions and over-inflated prices), but in an airport, when you’re hungry for something other than stodgy fried food or sandwiches, it’s an innovation!


The Lady ate the mini grilled fish noodles and it looked and smelled fab! With a plate half-filled with veg, and a clean piece of fish (not battered), I was so pleased. She devoured the food (okay so mostly the noodles and fish as she believes that vegetables are poisonous). But using her cool chopsticks, she did actually get enough food to sustain her (though that didn’t stop her from chowing down on crisps and chocolate throughout the flight).


Two thumbs up, five stars, 5 buggies or a toddler fist-bump (if that’s a measure of greatness!?) for Wagamama in Gatwick Airport!


Do you have any great Tot Tastic travelling experiences? Let us know!

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