Like coffee? Want to feel part of the scene? Then you’ll be right at home at Papercup Coffee Company. Its one of those places where hipsters, yummy mummies, coffee aficionados and […]

Papercup Coffee Company

margherita pizza
A bit of a rant here … since when is leftover pizza from lunch NOT a healthy snack for nursery? Vegetarian at that (okay, no veggies since she won’t eat them, […]

Click to view video. Its not often I get to go to town and hang out with the Lady these days. What with groups, swim lessons, nursery and just general […]

Vanilla Black at the Theatre Royal

With Passover comes the monotony of matza. Its eight days of matza, matza, matza! That stomach aching food that makes you feel full and hungry all at the same time. […]

A snowy ramble at Passover

Boathouse menu 2
  Sometimes when I visit the leafy south side of Glasgow (which I’m doing more and more these days due to the nursery run), I feel trapped by the dearth […]

The Boathouse in Rouken Glen Park