Close up of a hamantashan 2
As usual, I’m last-minuting everything. So this post comes out on the eve of a delicious Jewish Holiday, Purim. With dressing up, eating biscuits and sweets, giving gifts and of […]

Hamantashan-ey goodness

Mark's Deli collage of photographs 2
If you’re Jewish and live in Glasgow, chance are you’ve made a visit (or a million) to Mark’s Deli and Cafe. For the uninitiated, you’ll find delicious┬átraditional European Jewish food […]

Mark’s Deli & Cafe

William shop shelves
Joining an array of delicious food and beverage joints on Queen Margaret Drive is William. Taking over what was once the florist bit of Andersons the fruit vendor, it’s a […]

William (Cafe)

Singl-end floor mat 2
Do you know what you need to do on a horrible weekend afternoon? Go out for some absolutely amazing food and chilled atmosphere. If you make your way to Singl-end in the Garnethill area that's exactly what you'll get!


Out and about while ill - photo collage
Like any good writer, chaos brings with it a silver lining of a great blog idea. And so, I present to you my theory that there's no bad time to go out only a need for extra preparedness in times of illness, particularly when it comes to communicable illness.

All you need is to be prepared

Delicious Toddler Muffins 2
I’m always on the hunt for recipes that are delicious and incorporate ninja foods (to my husband’s dismay). From green cheesy scones to carrot pancakes and veggie packed pasta sauce, […]

Delicious ninja muffins your kids will love